Thermography Services

We provide Thermography Services like Thermal imaging,High thermal analysis and Power quality analysis.

Thermal imaging : It is non-contact – uses remote sensing
Keeps the user out of danger
Does not intrude upon or affect the target at all

It is two-dimensional
Comparison between areas of the target is possible
The image allows for excellent overview of the target
Thermal patterns can be visualised for analysis

It is real time
Enables very fast scanning of stationary targets
Enables capture of fast moving targets
Enables capture of fast changing thermal patterns

High Temperature Thermal Analysis
Temp Range – Up to 1500deg, max up to 2000deg.
  This services can be applicable for following.
- Molten Metal
- Foundry / castings
- Forgings
Heat Treatment / High speed steel tooling treatment.

Many applications involving temp from -20 to 1500/2000degC
Furnaces uniformity / mapping / calibration

Power Quality Analysis
Reliability and quality of power has become one of the most critical issues facing businesses today.
For critical loads Such as transformers , motors , computers hardware components. instrumentations & control systems and protective devices , anything less than high quality power and reliability means possibility of equipment malfunctioning & system down time.
Hence the quality power is an essential element to keep the equipment in good condition.

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